Company Profile About us.. Today, the P.J. Dahlhausen Company is a permanent fixture in the health care market. Our success is based on four principles: a range of products that meets market demands, top quality, absolute orientation towards service and, last but not least, our knowledge. Dahlhausen is able to look back on almost 150 years of history. Today, over 100 employees are at the service of our clients. Despite our size, we are still a family company, and haven't forgotten our traditions and values. Not being tied to international company groups makes us flexible and lets us guarantee you a personal touch. Because we have our own extensive distribution network, we are the ideal partner for small and medium-sized companies, who want to market their products in Germany and Europe on an independent basis. Changes in the market are our inspiration and the individual needs of our clients our challenge. Being able to live up to this every time and all the time, is and remains our aim.


Emil-Hoffmann-Str. 53,
50996 Köln, Germany, Postfach 560132, 50986 Köln
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