ORDISI, S.A. , a company that manufactures electro medical equipment is backed by over forty years of experience in the market. We specialise in manufacturing three types of products: ·Suction: we have the most complete range of aspirators in the market ·Surgical lamps: we make from examination lamps to lamps for small and medium surgery. ·X-Ray Illuminators: composed of a single body or various bodies, mural machines or machines with wheels, vertical illuminators and mammoscopes.

Our company was founded in 1959 by Mr. Joan Boix Boix, and has been manufacturing electro medical equipment since its origin. The experience we have achieved over the years has made it possible to create machines that are more and more superior. We currently export our products to various countries in the EU and other continents, and we are hoping to reach other countries and locations so as to offer them our services and quality. Our main aim is to continue receiving their orders during many more years, and thus we make the effort of improving our machines and try to satisfy our clients' needs as quickly and efficiently as possible.