Innovative solutions for IV cannulation Optomeditech Oy is a start-up company specializing in innovative solutions in the area of peripheral intravenous (IV) cannulation. Our CE marked OptiVein system, currently under evaluation in clinical trials, is simple and intuitive as it uses transillumination of skin tissue to aid in cannulation.

Small portable device mounted on a traditional catheter equipped with optical fiber generates green laser light visible through the skin and informs the user of the exact moment of penetration of the tip of the needle into the blood vessel.

This method is much faster than the traditional method of observing blood in the flashback chamber of the needle. Our aim is to increase the first attempt success rate of IV catheter starts and to make the process faster, safer and easier both for the caregiver and the patient, which is especially important in case of patients with small vessels difficult to visualize and palpate or difficult venous access.