Medical component specialists Optima specialises in clean room produced medical tubing, metal components and higly specialised hospital equipment. Our sales and development office is located in the University town of Uppsala, one of the leading medical & life science regions in northern Europe. The Medical Tubing division provides the medical device market with high quality custom manufactured tubing in most avaliable materials sunch as PTFE, FEP, PVDF, Pebax, PA, PUR, PVC, Silicone, Polyimide and many others. The Metal division supplies custom made metal components and services. Optima represents three American companies on the European market: Laserage - precision tube cutting, laser scribing, machining, drilling, welding, and other custom laser job shop services. ( Brunk Industries - contract manufacture of micro-precision component stampings, assemblies, and class-critical implantable devices. ( Medicoil - micro-precision coil and formed wire products. ( The Hospital Equipment division C-10 Probetester is a test- and disinfection equipment for ultrasound probes. With over 25 years of experience from the medical market, we are ready to meet any of your component requirements. Optima’s speciality is adapting to our customers requirements by using our knowledge to assist the customer through the development process, delivering custom manufactured products produced to exact specifications. You can of course always rely on our complete technical confidentiality.