About us OptiGene Limited was formed in 2008 to develop and deliver advanced molecular diagnostics solutions for applications across a range of market sectors. The goal was to harness the inherent advantages of isothermal amplification of DNA and RNA to enable testing at point-of-application. OptiGene has brought to market a number of innovative products that support sensitive and specific detection of bacteria and viruses for use in the fields of plant health, food safety, veterinary medicine, environmental monitoring and healthcare. These products support rapid detection from crude samples that normally require very simple preparation. OptiGene has exploited its expertise in both instrument design and enzymology to develop a sophisticated open platform that will support all isothermal amplification methods. State-of-the art instrumentation is supported by specially-designed plastic strips that have lockable caps and reagents that offer worldleading reaction rates. Ultra-sensitive molecular detection that has been constrained to laboratory use by highly-qualified personnel and taking hours to complete can now be deployed to point-of-application and run with very little training, producing results in single minutes.