Omni-Drive - Motorizing push/pull jobs Are push/pull injuries costing you money? - Work smarter ! Despite new technology and automation, manual pushing and pulling of wheeled vehicles is still common in many industries – including healthcare and the hotel business. The twisting, pushing and straining required to moveheavily loaded "carts" can cause neck, back and knee injuries – or musculoskeletal disorders (MSD) – resulting in more sick days for your employees, and less efficiency and higher costs for your business. Increase work efficiency & Minimize work-related injuries ! Omni-Drive offers you: CompassDrive - The omni-directional drive systems for: Hospitalbeds Patient trolleys Patient lifters Medical apparatus Transport trolleys for hospitals Catering equipment Linen carts etc. ZED "Zero Effort Driver" - The Omni-directional bed mover Etage Afdapt - The motorized system for handling of housekeeping in hotels and care facilities Omni-Mover - The internal truck that gets in everywhere