About Us OJ-Bio is a joint venture between Orla Protein Technologies Ltd and Japan Radio Company Ltd (JRC). Our management team draws discipline from both parent companies, including: Dr Dale Athey (CEO) with 20 years of expertise in clinical diagnostics, immunodiagnostics and clinical chemistry in companies such as Chiron and Bayer Diagnostics. Dr Hiromi Yatsuda (Technical Director) with 25 years of experience in wireless technology and surface acoustic wave devices.We have teams of highly skilled assay scientists working in Newcastle UK, and SAW and wireless engineers in Saitama, Japan. The company's diagnostic platform allows rapid measurement of disease markers and the electronic storage and wireless transmission of results - ideal for remote use and near-patient testing. Existing immuno-assays can be easily transferred to our platform and we seek partners or licencees to take these products to market for diagnostic, pharmaceutical, animal health, consumer diagnostic or other use. To assist, we provide support with intellectual property, technology and product development to clinical trial stage, as well as manufacturing facilities (for trial batches, process optimisation or manufacture of the final device). As well as a number of commercial developments, we currently have in house clinical development programmes in HIV, respiratory diseases and periodontal gum disease. We welcome approaches from potential partners for these or other areas where point of care immunoassay diagnostic devices are required.