Company Profile About us Oasis We were established in 1999 as OASIS which means structure that can be durable in weak tissue in medicine. We carried on our existence until 2004 as Turkey exclusive agent of the products which orginated from Europe devoted to urinar sysytem diseases. We carried out marketing and sales of our products by means of our dealers who have spread to the general of Turkey. The first product that we have been Turkey exclusive agent was hydrophilic urinar catheter started to be imported concerning A.Tunç Tonger’s (our company partner) own need. Therefore, Oasis had been the first company which made import of hydrophilic urinar catheter for Clean Intermittent Catheterization. In the meantime, different representments concerning urologic problems were obtained but different product groups which their representments abonded were in question. Oasis put its medical production decision into effect in the year of 2003 with an agreement made with Hunter Urology which is an English company and started producing antibacterial urinar catheter. In this way it was the first company which started hydrophilic catheter production in complience with Europe Standarts. While antibacterial hydrophilic urinar catheter production was being continued, OASIS developed its own covering solution and process by going on AR-GE research. Because Suna Tonger , mother of A.Tunç Tonger developed that covering solution, this solution was named sunaCOAT. After that antibac catheter production was stopped and the production of hi-slip® hydrophilic urinar catheter which its brand registration belongs to OASİS was started. hi-slip® consisted of the combination of the words “high” and “slippery” in English and means “high slipperiness”. Then hi-slip® plus and hi-slip® kit were added to the product group. Because the need of a seond brand in Turkey’s market, My-cath® hydrophilic urinar catheter production was started. The word My-cath® consists of the combination of My” ve “catheter” words in English and means “my catheter”. With conscious of our trust to our product and system quality and we believe that we can start export asap, we obtained both CE certificate, 93/42/EEC (Medical Device Directive) which enables our products to be sold in Europe and Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approval for America. OASİS is a company which has demonstrated the importance of AR-GE in product development field with the common projects conducted with Turkey Technology Development Foundation (TTGV), Turkey Scientific and Technical Research Institution (TUBITAK). To appeal to the same patient group in the year of 2010, hi-dry® (high-dry = high dryness) adult underpad and undersheet production was started. Oasis is a producer which exports its products to approximately 15 Europe countries and America now.