NuStep, Inc. designs and manufactures their recumbent cross trainer models in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Developed by exercise physiologists and ergonomic specialists, the T4, T5 and T5XR Recumbent Cross Trainers - along with a full line of adaptive products - make exercise possible for users of virtually any fitness level or health condition. The company's products are used at thousands of homes, fitness, wellness and rehabilitation centers across the country, including The University of Michigan, the Cleveland Clinic and the Duke Center for Living.Today, it is our goal to become North America's #1 catalyst for active living among those seeking leading-edge ergonomic equipment, wellness support, and value. Our continual pursuit of advancements in the marketplace, unparalleled customer commitment, and best-in-class quality will guide us in delivering our brand's core promise: assuring physical therapists and adult individuals the opportunity for life transformation with each and every NuStep experience.