Company Who we are NTE Healthcare develops and markets healthcare technology solutions. Created with the aim of providing engineering solutions in the area of life sciences, it has evolved into other areas of scientific research, in which it covers engineering development needs and technology solutions with high added value, which experts customer demand. International benchark To achive the goal of being an international benchmark in healthcare technologies, NTE Healthcare is formed by professionals with over 25 years experience in the development, integration and supply of systems and high performance scientific and biomedical tools and equipment for scientific research and advanced applications. A case studie of NTE Healthcare in the healthcare field, is AUTOPLAK, an automatic sample inoculation and streaking system for Petri dishes in microbiology laboratories. A SENER Group brand NTE Healthcare belongs to the SENER private engineering and technology group that, founded in 1956, strives to off er its customers the most advanced technological solutions and is internationally recognized fot its commitment to innovation, quality and independence.