Novamed Ltd. Novamed, Ltd is a privately owned Israeli life science company founded in December 1995. Since its inception Novamed has been committed to the development of innovative, proprietary diagnostic systems with worldwide marketing potential. Novamed, Ltd manufactures three different main lines: Healthcare and Pharmaceutical/Food Industry bacteriological products, Rapid Immunochromatographic diagnostic Kits and Cell Biology Research products. The regular production list of Novamed Ltd consists of 267 different items. All products are performance tested in a stringent quality control program, according to ISO 13485:2003 and ISO 9001:2008. The basic mass production of prepared ready-to-use culture media products consists of manufacturing of 167 different items in 14 different formats. Novamed, Ltd has become an important player in selected markets by combining user need for a particular application with a cost-effective product. Such products include the patented and FDA approved DipStreak®, ChromoStreak®, and Diaslide® culturing devices for diagnosis of urinary tract infections and NovaStreak culturing devices for detection of microorganisms present in food and dairy products. Novamed, Ltd is a leading worldwide developer, manufacturer and supplier of rapid one step immunochromatographic assays. We are active in several clinical fields: fecal, respiratory, STD, cardiac, pregnancy etc. The product list of rapid one-step products consists of more than 30 different items. Our rapid one-step diagnostic assays for viral infections (AdenoStick, RotaStick and CombiStick) are the most popular tests in the worldwide laboratory test market. The Uni-Sep and Uni-Sorb line of products have modernized procedures for lymphocyte isolation and separation. Our ECM-coated culture ware has become the standard for growth of adhesion-dependent cell lines. Novamed, Ltd maintains a staff of about 70 employees engaged in research, development, manufacturing, and sales. The managing director and department heads are PhDs, with extensive experience in the fields of biochemistry, immunology, clinical and theoretical microbiology.