Nouvag AG – an Eventful History In 1971, engineer Beda Hutter founded the company “Nouvag B. Hutter-Koch” in Rorschach. It manufactured and traded in industrial and appliance motors. Within a short period of time, Beda Hutter expanded the young company to become a well-known supplier of small motors for the appliance industry. His wife, Berty Hutter, actively supported him right from the start. She took charge of bookkeeping, payroll, and human resources.

Beda Hutter is convinced that “without years of assistance from my wife, Nouvag AG would not be where it is today”. In 1974, the successful company became the "Nouvag AG". The company continued to succeed in spite of the recession. Before long the company constructed a plant in Rorschacherberg which was ready for occupancy in 1976, and by 1980 Nouvag AG exported 50 percent of its production to 80 countries. At that time the company employed 35 associates.

The trade in motors began to dwindle due to the recession. For Nouvag AG, this meant a focus on its own products. The company also changed industries: Now, Nouvag motors were used mainly in the dental field. The dental industry was poised for massive growth – Nouvag AG was aware of that. Soon, the large order volume required more production and storage space. The plant in Rorschacherberg was expanded in 1979 and again in 1988.

In 1987, the company entered the computer age: For the first time, Nouvag AG deployed computer-controlled lathes and manufacturing equipment. Meanwhile, the company was manufacturing high-precision fine mechanical device and instrument components for dental and medical technology. Sales for the products were booming, especially in foreign markets. At the start of the nineties, the flourishing company once again faced a lack of space. However, a suitable building was not easy to find. In 1991, renewed emphasis was placed on the development of the German market and the Nouvag Deutschland GmbH was founded in Konstanz. The former “Odol” buildings in Goldach were purchased in 1991. Part of the production was moved to this location in 1992.