About NoIR NoIR LaserShields provide industry-defining protection and visibility with an eye on comfort and wear-ability. With 100+ filters and a frame to fit any face, there's a LaserShield for every user and every application. Utilizing specialized narrowband peak absorbers rather than broadband generalized dyes, LaserShields absorb specific laser lines at high Optical Densities without sacrificing visibility and delivering offers the highest CE-certified LB-ratings possible for polymer lenses Established in 1996 as a division of NoIR Medical Technologies (1972), NoIR continues to provide the most comprehensive line of safety eyewear for coherent and non-coherent light sources, and we are able to engineer quickly custom solutions for new applications. LaserShields offer protection, visibility and style for the world of laser applications, making LaserShields the point where safety and comfort converge. LaserShields are made in the USA and are CE-Certified for the world of laser applications.