Nogamigiken Co., Ltd. Ever since the company's founding in 1970, Nogami has been placing the ultra-precision grinding technology as our core technology basis. We are proud of peerless accuracy of the parallelism and perpendicularity tolerance of 0.0005 mm or less. Nogami's ultra-precision dies and jigs, created by applying our technology and technique, stamps a thin film or foil as thin as 0.005 mm with neither burr nor deformation. We are interested to meet with: Manufacturer of infusion fluid package (For stamping package, punching hole and sealing) Manufacturer of contact lens (For stamping aluminum laminated cleansing liquid package) Manufacturer of infusion pump and syringe pump (For precise stamping inner filter of pump) Manufacturer of X-ray photography film (For precise stamping special film) Manufacturer of sheet for saliva test & filter paper (For precise stamping foil and leaf)