Who we are.

The people working at Celsius42 have one shared goal – to be united in the fight against cancer.

To pool knowledge. To leverage partners and resources. To explore increasingly intelligent pathways in
medical technology to finally win the fight. Medicine has fought this battle for a long time. A battle
against a clever opponent: cancer.


Hyperthermia is the active principle of Celsius42 products. Targeted thermal energy that causes stress in cancer cells. It
has many positive effects in chemotherapy or radiation therapy, but also strengthens the immune system.
The people at Celsius42 know that they are on the right track. Their tenacity, energy and human experience
make them a tight-knit team.


With a single mission: to develop innovative hyperthermia products that help to fight cancer gently but effectively.


That is Celsius42. That is TCS – Tumor Cell Solution.

Hermann-Hollerith-Straße, 11
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