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Bioabsorbable Bone Plates and Bone Screws Nittoyumex Co.,Ltd. isManufactring of Materials,Cutting Works,Final Unit Assembly for Medical Equipments. We are refining and selling ultra-high purity processed magnesium materials, manufacturing and selling ultra-high purity magnesium component and medical devices. 【Bioabsorbable Bone Plates and Bone Screws using ultra-high purity magnesium】 Nittoyumex Co.,Ltd. have developed technology to produce bone plates & bone screws using ultra-high purity magnesium, which has coventionally been very difficult to process because of its softness and ease of oxidization. Based on our reserch, prototype magnesium bone plates were implanted into laboratory mice. All mice survived during the following of 4 months. No anatomicopathological problems were found. We also sell ultra-high purity processed magnesium materials. We excel in ultra-precise cut processing, processing of delicate and highly sensitive materials. We are capable of processing and developing different kinds of medical equipments using highly advanced process,materials,and technology available within our company. ADDRESS:4-356-1 Mihashi Omiya-ku Saitama-City Saitama 330-0856 JAPAN