Nilfisk-Advance America Inc

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Every day companies and workers make choices - about what equipment to use, what procedures to follow, how to stay OSHA compliant, the list goes on and on. At Nilfisk, we recognize our customers' power of choice, and we are 100% committed to be the preferred choice for industrial vacuum cleaners. We accomplish this task by empowering our customers with information and tools they need to make the safe choice by purchasing the Nilfisk or Nilfisk CFM vacuum that is best for them. We recognize the numerous risks that companies take every time they purchase new equipment that their employees must use and maintain to carry out their operations safely and effectively. Therefore, we are committed to being the safe choice, guaranteeing a level of quality and service that is unmatched in the industry.When it comes to purchasing an industrial vacuum cleaner, the safe choice is the best choice. We offer a complete line of industrial vacuum cleaners and explosion proof vacuum cleaners that meet or exceed NRTL standards. Additionally, we also offer a team of experts ready to support all your cleaning challenges. Our team members are committed to understanding your unique application and recommending the best vacuum solution.