Who We Are New V-Key Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional medical and custom cable assembly manufacturer in Taiwan. By OEM medical cable assemblies since 1990, we have knowledgeable team accumulated relative manufacturing experience and biomedical engineering expertise till now to offer ODM and custom-made medical cables, sensors, and accessories. We take advantage of our fine supply chain management to reduce and control cost and time to market for our customer base. Also, we are qualified with GMP, ISO 9001, ISO 13485, CE, FDA and IECQ QC080000 manufacturer registration to guarantee and maintain our product qualities. Our medical cables and accessories can comply with medical standard, AAMI EC-53 and IEC 60601. Besides, we are able to offer biocompatible (ISO 10993) and antibacterial (ISO 22196) designed products for our customers to meet demanding medical market. "Better connection for Life" Major Markets Medical equipment/device, hospital communication system, and medical cables, connectors and accessories manufacturers in the world. Services Offered Design and development with our customer, we work with customers idea and requirement combining with our manufacturing experience and engineering expertise to offer a tailored connecting ans sensing solution from start to market. Current OEM/ODM products ranges: #1 Medical and custom connectors and cables, #2 ECG/EKG/EEG/EMG cables, lead-wires, and electrodes, #3 SpO2 sensors and cables, #4 Medical temperature probes and cables, #5 IBP transducers and cables, #6 NIBP hoses and connectors, #7 Electrosurgical mono-polar and bi-polar cables #8 TENS/EMS cables and lead wires #9 Nurse call and infusion cords and pendants, #10 Respiratory heater wires and adapter, #11 Silicone rubber electrodes and accessories #12 Medical sensors and electrodes, #13 Ultrasound and laser cables and handpieces. "Better connection for Life"