neoLaser - State of the Art Medical Laser Technology Company neoLaser designs, manufactures and distributes medical laser products, offering top-notch quality and world-class design, providing superb performance and functionality, flexibility and modularity, all at an affordable cost. neoLaser’s products support a variety of high volume applications including Vascular and Endoscopic Surgery as well as Aesthetic and Dental procedures. neoLaser is building sales through both regional distributors and select OEM partners. Founded by seasoned veterans of the medical laser industry, neoLaser brings the highest engineering, marketing and design knowledge.

The company is ISO13485 certified, holds both CE mark and FDA clearance for its high-end medical laser systems, and is currently in revenue growth globally. Technology and Products The neoV Series offers a variety of potential wavelengths and applications: The neoV1064 with 20 Watts of 1,064nm is optimized for Nail Fungus and Wart treatment, with special collimating and focusing hand pieces. The neoV1470 and neoV980 with 10 Watts and 20 Watts of 1,470nm and 980nm respectively, for Varicose Vein treatment with unique endovascular surgical kits including CORONA 360, Atraumatic and Bare fibers.

The neoV platform also enables PLDD treatments for herniated discs with dedicated disposable kits, as well as minimally invasive surgical treatments in ENT, GYN, and Robotics. Additional applications include fibers and accessories for Dental use, as well as Aesthetic and Dermatology applications. All neoV products are available in a state-of-the-art design, in the smallest and lightest configuration possible, offering unmatched portability, user friendliness and reliability.