Naveh Pharma Ltd.

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Naveh Pharma - Find your next Blockbuster! Naveh Pharma Ltd. Established in 1996, is a privately held company specialized in developing, manufacturing and distributing health care patented products. Our slogan is: COMMON PROBLEMS - SMART SOLUTIONS. The policy of the company is to develop new niches, creating unique and absolutely not "ME TOO" products! Naveh Pharma's products aresold in Pharmacies and health food stores. Navehexpertise in Magnesium mineraland has developed a composition of magnesium which was clinically proven to be superior in absorption and efficacy to any available magnesium. Some of the unique products Anti Leg Cramps - Immediate relief of Nocturnal Leg Cramps. Clean Ears For ear wax removal, best efficacy. Preg Cramps Buster Immediate relief of Pregnancy Leg Cramps. Dry Ears Unique product for removal of excess water trapped in the ear canal. Medisnore Throat spray for the prevention of snoring. Salina Gel Nasal moisturizer for dry nasal passages. ElectroRice Strawberry , Rice based ORS (oral re-hydration solution) for the prevention of dehydrating in cases of diarrhea. HydroBiotic - ORS rice based with probiotic blend. Market Coverage Naveh Pharma Ltd. Is expanding its products abroad, through multinational companies and seeking for distributors for its line of products. Naveh Pharma Ltd. Is managed by Mr. Nitsan Primor, with experience over 30 years, has acquired a proven track record of international pharmaceutical and retail market. Naveh Pharma is ISO 9001: 2008, ISO 13485 : 2003, CAN/CSA ISO 13485:2003 ISO 22716 (GMP) and CE certified company. Facilities are ISO & GMP approved. Employees: 12.