Natvar Medical Tubing Natvar manufactures medical tubing for use in disposable hospital products, including those used for IV-administration, haemodialysis and cardiovascular surgery. Main materials used are PVC, but also other plastics like Polypropylene, Polyethylene, Polystyrene, TPE, PET, ABS, EVA and PUR are extruded. The tubing range includes a whole family of non-DEHP PVC's as well as PVC-free tubing. Natvar Europe belongs to the international group ‘Tekni-Plex’ Tekni-Plex operates 25 production plants world wide and is a leading producer of medical PVC compounds, pharmaceutical films, extruded tubing, closure liners and food trays. Medical tubing is manufactured in5 production plants strategically located in the USA, Europe, Costa Ricaand China. Operating through multiple extrusion plants close to the market, Natvar offers global sourcing of custom tubing to our international organised customers. Natvar has the facilities and the expertise to service the world marketplace with high volume and high quality products. The company can build on the reputation that they are recognized to be amongst the world's largest manufacturers of medical tubing for hospital products.