World’s Leading Company in Molecular Diagnostics.NANOBIOSYS Since founded in 2009, our company has focused on the development of the extremely fast real-time PCR for point-of-care test (POCT) for various infectious diseases and food pathogens. Currently, we made success generating an “Ultra-fast real-time PCR G2-4”, combining Lab-on-a-Chip (LabChip) technology with real-time PCR technology. It takes less than 17 min for our LabChip-based real-time PCR G2-4 to go through 40 cycles of real-time PCR. It is miniaturized to portable size and weight for POCT-purposes. This will be useful for a wide range of applications including biomedical research, human disease studies, food and animal pathogen analysis, and environmental bio-contamination diagnosis. We have also developed a hand-held fluorescence polarization immunoassay system (for protein and small molecule analysis) that can be used rapidly on site. We are continuing to develop LabChip-based fluorescence immunoassay system to dramatically improve the sensitivity and specificity of our system. NanoBioSys Inc. will stand at the frontier position of the innovative new technologies in biomedical analysis ad diagnosis fields.