About us MSE (Measuring and Scientific Equipment) was established in 1932 and since then has become an internationally recognised manufacturer of quality laboratory equipment, particularly in the field of centrifuges and ultrasonic disintegrators. MSE is a British owned company based in the London area, but we export our products all over the world. Indeed, there is already a large number of MSE equipment present in some of the leading laboratories throughout the world. MSE laboratory equipment stands for quality, reliability and durability. Well-known models such as the Centaur 2, Falcon and Soniprep are recognised across the globe as being superior engineered products. In addition to our already established range, MSE has explored new markets with our innovative cooled incubators. The new range is just the beginning of our plan to introducemodern products under the MSE brand and to improve existing models in order to stay at the cutting edge of technology.