Company Profile MPXX - Supreme quality examination & surgical gloves Our patented MPXX™ technology has been revered and recommended by health professionals around the world. It cuts the allergens and chemical residues to unquantifiable and undetectable levels focusing on prevention & protection against allergies (type I & IV). With superior quality, unique comfort, optimal resistance & elasticity the MPXX™ examination and surgical gloves are not just the only gloves you will ever want, they are the only gloves you will ever need. Our passion & expertise date back to 1995, when the founder of the Dutch R & D company BUDEV, strongly aware of the importance of the growing latex allergy & occupational safety issues, initiated the research & development of MPXX™. In co-operation with scientific partner-organizations such as the Erasmus University Medical Centre in Rotterdam & the Malaysian Rubber Board, Budev BV developed and patented different technologies, including MPXX™. Budev’s objective was to implement MPXX™ technology worldwide with selected dynamic partners who had an excellent track-record in quality & efficiency within the medical and industrial sector & opted to apply the MPXX™ technology first on medical gloves. In 2015 we changed our name to MPXX, matching it with our technology which represents the core of our business and is the key to our success. To maximize the reach & the benefits of the revolutionary MPXX™ technology, we are executing R&D for its application, feasibility & implementation on other Natural Rubber Latex or synthetic rubber products. In our company we are obsessed with quality: MPXX™ treated gloves exceed all international standards and are constantly subjected to different types of tests executed by international accredited laboratories. With superior products, corporate responsibility and strong values we are proud to offer unique solutions for health, safety and well-being proving that we care for you. Your safety, our passion.