Company Profile Morgan Advanced Materials Morgan Advanced Materials is a global materials engineering company which produces components used in medical monitoring, diagnostic instrumentation and tools for treatment and surgery. With world-class design expertise and specialist manufacturing capabilities, we work in partnership with medical device manufacturers to develop competitive custom solutions to meet their needs. Morgan has an excellent understanding of the uniquely demanding environment in which equipment for the global medical market is developed. Our extensive solutions for the healthcare market include: ultrasonic sensors for level and bubble detection, diagnostics, surgery and therapy; laser guides to for radiotherapy treatment; feedthrus for active implant devices; high voltage feedthroughs and high voltage capacitors and filters for MRI scanners. Our components are increasingly used in Xray and CTscanning machines in preference to traditional glass. The high-purity, engineered components help equipment manufacturers produce machines that offer longer life, higher power and better performance. Morgan’s experience in the healthcare industry coupled with our capability in materials innovationand quality manufacturing allows us to produce parts that are optimised to meet precise complex physical and chemical specifications. Visit our stand to talk with Application Engineers who can meet match your healthcare requirement with our proven technologies.