Company Profile About Us Mizra Medical manufactures and distributes Aids for Daily living, including a complete line of continence care products. We aim to assist the elderly, handicapped, and others with special needs in meeting the challenges they face every day. Our mission is to support people in challenging situations live a full and dignified life. We strive to provide individuals and healthcare professionals with the best available products and the knowledge needed in order to make this mission a reality. As a manufacturer, Mizra Medical will make the extra effort to meet the specific requests of customers wherever possible. Mizra Medical Ltd. stands out in the healthcare field as a company willing to take the extra step to achieve and maintain customer satisfaction. This commitment is supported Mizra~s Quality Management System which fulfills the requirements of ISO 13485:2003 and ISO 9001:2000. Our products are registered with the FDA and meet the requirement for carrying the CE Mark of Quality.