Company Profile Your Partner for Spirometry, Oximetry and Telemedicine Innovation in Spirometry Oximetry Telemedicine MIR is a global medical device company founded in 1993, and today is present in more than 93 countries worldwide. For more than 20 years the company has been internationally recognized for its numerous innovations and advancements in three different market areas:Spirometry, Oximetry and Telemedicine MIR Group Organization MIR Medical International Research (Headquarters) Rome – ITALY Research & Development Designing Marketing Warehouse Distribution (Worldwide) MIR PRODUCTION Teramo – ITALY Warehouse Assembling Testing MIR SERVICE Rome – ITALY Quality Control Service MIR Medical International Research USA, Inc. Winsconsin – USA Warehouse Distribution (US Market) Service MIR FRANCE (Partnership) Montpellier – FRANCE Distribution (France and North Africa) Service One of the distinctive features of the MIR products is their repeatedly awarded exclusive design. The cornerstone of our Spirometry technology is the FlowMIR the first and only disposable turbine. Research & Development The R&D department has an advanced level of technical excellence and its researchers play a strategic role in projects at international level collaborating with medical researchers all over the world. All the R&D phases of the company's products including market research, feasibility studies, pre-industrialisation with development of prototypes and relative validation and product testing, are carried out in-house. MIR invests 16% of its annual turnover in R&D always focusing its efforts on new: Devices Software Technology International Certification The Company and its products are already certified by the main regulatory bodies globally including Brazil & Latin America, China, Taiwan, Russia, Ukraine, Israel, Australia among the others. MIR Worldwide Certifications All MIR's products are FDA certified for US market Downloads: Company profile MIR company_presentation.pdf