Miglionico s.r.l., founded in 2000, specialized in the manufacture of dental units100% made in Italy. Relatively young to the dental scene, in a very short time, it has achieved high quality standards appreciated both in Italy and abroad. Plus and proud for Miglionico dental units is their completely Italian manufacture always considering innovations and the market demands. All processes are performed in Miglionico's factory by itself : design, feature selection of excellent row materials up to final testing and quality control.

The success and quality of Miglionico dental units are the result of Mr. Giuseppe Miglionico's previous experience for 25 years as skilled technician for some of the most prestigious and historic dental units firms, operating in the field of dentistry, appreciated, valued and everywhere known for his accuracy and skill. Having studied and developed every technical problem faced during a long career of specialized service, he designs his dental units with passion, giving particular attention to details, constantly improving the products accordig to the quest of the market. He personally selects the quality of the raw materials, monitoring all the production processes in constant interaction with all of his staff. Nothing is left to chance!