Midwest Information Systems Inc

Endorse Company
MIS is a global company and we have earned a reputation as a world leader in our key product categories. Entering 2008, we are celebrating our 20th year of leadership in the imaging and software development marketplace. Our products are installed in many types of companies and organizations. Today, MIS provides a wide range of imaging products and integrated systems for all types of applications. From Boeing to Lear, from GM to Toyota, from Motorola to Intel, from Pfizer to Glaxo, from DuPont to Dow, from Alcoa to US Steel, from Medtronic to Boston Scientific, we offer excellent imaging products to excellent companies.Since its inception, MIS has operated as an innovative organization, empowering our own people and our customers to expand their horizons. Few companies match the presence MIS maintains in so many diverse markets with so many market leaders as our valued customers.