About us Founded in 1987, MicroLumen is the International Leader in the manufacture of high performance Polyimide tubing. Our Polyimide tubing is a thermosetplastic providing the ultimate in mechanical, thermal, chemical, and electricalproperties. Our products are used in a wide range of critical applications suchas cardiovascular catheters, stent delivery, urological retrieval devices and drug delivery. MicroLumen Polyimide tubing is ideal for electronic requiring thin walls, small diameters, and high dielectic strength. We accommodate many specialty products including braid reinforcement, coiling, FEP & PTFE coatingsthermoplastic TopCoat, radiopaque, and MicroCut lengths. Custom diameters and wall thickness are also available. We will provide you with innovative solutions for your product design needs.Our engineering staff is dedicated to new material explorations and welcomes inquiries.