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Company Information METALGAR Plastics is a plastic injection and extrusion company, specialized in MEDICAL and PHARMACEUTICAL sector from 1980. Also, we manufactured pieces for other industries / sectors. Cosmetics, Perfumery, Industrial, Food Industry etc. We can be OEM Manufacturer. We are able to offer a CLEAN ROOM with the classification “Iso 8” or “class D”, regarding GMPS- Good Manufacturing Practices. UNE-EN ISO 9001, 14001, 14644, we are working right now in 13485. Metalgar is a company authorized by the A.E.M.P.S. (Spanish Agency for Medical & Sanitary Products - Compatible for the whole European community) Partner of AEPIMIFA (Suppliers Association of the Pharmaceutical Industry) & Fenin (Spanish Federation of Healthcare Technology Companies) Production Capacity Metalgar main production plant is located in Meco (Madrid). It occupies an area of 5.538m2 Able to manufacture 365 days a year if needed. Over 20M units manufactured annually. Flexibility and ability to react in cases of emergencies or special situations. Metalgar have big number of experienced human resources prepared and ready to work over different shifts during the day and weekends to duplicate the production if necessary for example in cases of Public Health Alerts (Swine Flu/Ebola) Able to perform diverse range of product manipulation and conditioning to fit each local market. Giving effective, innovate, competitive and quality solutions to its clients. All this in responsible way, commited to safety, health care, welfare and environment.