Metaflex Doors Europe BV

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About us The world is changing. The medical sector is changing as well. The changed funding structure exerts greater pressure on the budget because there is more to be done with less money, and ageing creates a growing demand for health care. These are developments for which we expect to provide the most suitable and durable doors. POWI Recently, we have examined how our doors can contribute to the reduction of Postoperative Wound Infections (POWI). The frequency that a door is opened during surgery and how long it stays open affects the risk of POWI. Through door logging systems we make this information transparent so that you can make changes accordingly. Standards and guidelines We also remain constantly aware of the strict standards and guidelines in your market. The Building Regulations 2012, the Workgroup Infection Prevention (WIP), international guidelines for the modulation of operating theatres and the operating theatre management plan: we know what is happening so that we can always offer a suitable solution.