Merry X-Ray Virginia Beach

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Merry X-Ray Corporation (MXR) has earned a reputation as the "Go To" distributor for all of your X-Ray imaging needs. The acquisition of SourceOne Healthcare Technologies in November of 2005 has allowed MXR to provide services to all 48 contiguous states, as well as Hawaii and Alaska, making MXR the largest distributor of X-Ray equipment nationwide. Our business model has been to represent as many vendors as possible in our product portfolio, so that we always have the right product for you. Merry X-Ray Corporation currently represents and supports over 10,000 products. Our employees are factory trained in traditional roller transport chemical film processors, multi-loaders, wet and dry laser imagers, x-ray equipment, automatic film viewers and much more.Perhaps most interesting is the fact that Merry X-Ray has confidently moved into the Electronic Imaging realm of Radiology. We firmly believe that we must provide the services that our customers need most, and as Radiology continues to progress, so will we. We have been working on an Electronic Imaging Division for ten years, and have assembled a very comprehensive product portfolio. We touch every building block of medical imaging workflow, including: image and information acquisition, image transmission, image viewing and image archival, all using electronic (PACS) solutions. Additionally, we've upgraded our service organization to provide customer service and support for these products, including: PC Workstations and Servers, CR, DR, film digitizers, PACS software, TCP/IP networking and more. Most of our approximate 1,000-team members have been in the X-Ray business their entire careers, and many have spent the whole time as Merry X-Ray Corporation employees. We also provide local representation to our corporate base. Today, you can work almost anywhere in the U.S. and choose Merry X-Ray Corporation as your "One Stop Shop" for X-Ray and Digital equipment.