Meril Diagnostics Pvt. Ltd Meril is a global medical device company dedicated towards design and development of novel, clinically relevant and best-in-class devices to alleviate human suffering and improve the Quality of Life, spanning broad operational canvas from Vascular Interventional devices to Orthopedics, In-vitro diagnostics and Endo-surgery. Meril Diagnostics Why machines can't be human enough? From automobiles to accessories, computers to handsets, technology has only one thing to do-making things more human. When machines get to become human, isn’t it ironic that humans tend to be more like machines? Thankfully enough, our question puts our products in a different context- Behave like a human , work like a machine. Questions that result in products of difference. Our state-of-the-art research centre with multiple facets work with this single agenda- Asking questions that make significant difference to human lives. As part of a new awakening in the In-Vitro Diagnostic industry, Meril Diagnostics has ushered in a wide array of innovative diagnostic products. Emerging from a lineage of successful business enterprise, Meril Diagnostics is a part of the healthcare arm of the multi-million dollar MNC group. The company is based out at Vapi in the state of Gujarat, which is located 150kms from Mumbai, the commercial hub of India. A state-of-the-art, 300,000 sq. foot manufacturing, research and development facility is testimony to the commitment and vision of Meril’s future plan to cater to the global IVD market. With cutting-edge R&D and manufacturing facilities, our commitment to expanding access to healthcare has never been more far-reaching. This focus helps ensure customer insights and inspires us to develop market-appropriate, value-driven solutions that support the healthcare industry around the world. Ensuring ‘accuracy and precision’, each of our products is put through several stringent quality control protocols, that enhances our as well as the end-user’s confidence. Meril Diagnostics is available with a complete range of analyzers and reagents for Clinical Biochemistry, Hematology, Immunology (ELISA & CLIA), Allergy Testing, Rapids, Coagulation, Critical Care, Diabetes Management and Lab Consumables . The company has a clear-cut road map to being an industry leader in Rapid Immunology assays through complete integration of R&D and manufacturing.Currently two-thirds of the Indian IVD market requirement is still catered by foreign companies and their products. Meril Diagnostics’ future plans include manufacturing of 80% of its products in India and catering them worldwide. The company’s strategy of manufacturing analyzers and reagents is aptly supported by a team of highly qualified and experienced research & development personnel. The team commenced its projects in 2011 and launched several analyzers and reagents all ‘Designed & Developed by Meril’. In its quest for innovation, Meril has been successful in completing the in-house development of Hematology Analyzer and Controls. It is part of Meril’s mission to create a definitive change in the way the world perceives the Indian IVD market as not just a consumer but also as a manufacturer, capable of supplying high quality diagnostic products worldwide. Meril Diagnostics has more than 400 dedicated employees from the field of diagnostic Sales, Marketing, Application, Engineering, R&D, Legal, Finance, Regulatory, and Supply Chain to provide complete support and satisfaction to its customers. Partnering growth efforts with more than a dozen CFAs and above 500 distributors, Meril Diagnostics is committed to providing prompt service under the desired guidance of temperature sensitivity. The Customer Support Team offers 24x7 assistance to handle customer queries and scientific support. Meril Cardiovascular has developed new concepts in engineering employing novel designs, drug delivery technologies (for stents & balloons) and affordable catheter-based systems that effectively bridge the gap between countries with ailing populations and struggling health care needs.Today a portfolio of cleverly iterated devices ranging from low injury coronary stents; a Bioresorbable Scaffold; a morphology-modifying balloon catheter, a tissue covered stent graft and a Transcatheter Aortic Valves Replacement system (TAVI) are either successfully commercialized or are under development. Meril Orthopedic, a new venture of Meril in association with Maxx Ortho Inc (, is at the helm of developing and marketing innovative Orthopedic implants. Our joint replacement technologies and wide range of products make us a valuable partner to healthcare institutions in more than 40 countries. At Meril, we have a guiding principle that the Physician-Patient-Product interaction is of utmost importance. Meril Endo-Surgery has a strong commitment to the design and development of best in class surgical instruments and innovative environment addressing the need of surgeons and the issues of patient safety, comfort, and care. Meril’s vision is to become a one stop solution for surgeons by providing them with an extensive product portfolio comprising of Absorbable & Non-Absorbable Surgical Sutures, Tissue Sealants, Absorbable Hemostats, Hernia Repair (Mesh), Intra Uterine Devices (Cu-T), Energy Devices and Mechanical Closure Devices (Staplers).