About Us... Meridian Life Science, Inc. (MLS) provides contract R&D, process development, and commercial manufacturing of critical assay reagents, antigens and antibodies to the in-vitro diagnostic and biopharmaceutical markets. MLS also manufactures polymerases and ultra-pure dNTPs, which are critical components of a molecular diagnostic assay. The ISO and GMP manufacturing facility in Memphis, TN has developed great expertise in clinical manufacturing of vaccines, viral challenge materials, gene therapies, virus-like particles, and recombinant proteins. With almost 30 years of cell culture experience, protein expression, purification, PCR reagents, assay development and quality, MLS has become a leader and trusted partner for the supply of critical reagents and clinical materials. MLS services its customers from primary manufacturing operations in the USA and Europe. The Company’s shares are traded through NASDAQ’s Global Select Market, symbol VIVO. Meridian’s website address is www.meridianlifescience.com.