Company Profile MELITEK A/S MELITEK offers innovative MELIFLEX materials (PE, PP, TPE & TPO based compounds) specially designed and produced to meet the strict requirements of medical devices and pharmaceutical packaging applications. MELIFLEX grades are available for film, tubing and moulding applications. MELIFLEX XT: tubing materials with excellent kink resistance, clarity, low density, plasticiser free (oil and DEHP free) and available in Shore 50-95A MELIFLEX XF: soft and flexible film materials with high heat resistance, impact resistance and transparency MELIFLEX XM: soft moulding materials available in Shore 10A-68D offering excellent clarity, compression set, types available for co-moulding with PE, PP, ABS, PC, TPU MELIFLEX XC: customized polymer+ compounds tailored to specific customer requirements on colour and additive functionality. MELIFLEX materials are produce according to GMP with an extensive medical service package and products meet the ISO 10993 and USP test requirements. MELIFLEX is PVC-free, phthalate-free, latex free, BPA-free. In addition to our compounded products, MELITEK is European distributor of medical PP grades from Flint Hills for past 25 years along with APAO products from REXtac.