PROFESSIONAL HAEMATOLOGY AND CHEMISTRY Since 1986,MELET SCHLOESING Laboratoires has been developing innovative and compact haematology analyzers. Our company complies with 98/79/EC directive andis certifiedISO 13485:2012 to increase quality level of our products.The MS9 and MS4 ranges give evidence of reliable and high performance analyzers. The MS4s is a real new innovation: With only the size of an A4 foot-print it gives a complete CBC with 21 parameters in a few seconds.

The MS9-3s and MS9-5s combine performance and efficiency: With their Windows® based software they give to users comfort, simplicity and high quality results. Flexible, they are compatible with all types of external peripherals (printers, bar code readers, etc.). Managed by the MS9-3s or MS9-5s software, the M-Sampler takes away the fastidious and biohazardous tubes handling. Its integrated barcode reader allows for positive identification and a full automation from sampling to results management. The MS4Se , the economical version of MS4s will astound you by its price and new features.

MS4s is the new speedy version that gives you 2 possibilities on 1 machine : 3 Part Diff with 60 samples/hour and 5 Part Diff with 40 samples/hour. The M-Scan II is MELET SCHLOESING Laboratoires innovative clinical chemistry analyzer. It gives to users a total flexibility of doing small panels or choosing only the parameters they want with the ‘SELECT ROTOR’. With its dry chemistry technology a simple 3 steps procedure is needed to perform a full range of tests in a few minutes.

The M-Scan II is also a cost saving and reliable analyzer that includes 40 built-in quality control and diagnostic functions. MELET SCHLOESING Laboratoires is represented in more than 80 countries. Come and discover these new products on our booth 1B33 !