Meizhou Cornley Hi-Tech Co., Ltd.

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Cornley Hi-Tech. Co., Ltd., Meizhou Meizhou Cornley Hi-Tech Co., Ltd. was formerly known as Shenzhen Scientific Instruments Co., Ltd., which was established in 1993, and got ISO9001 and ISO13485. Cornley starts business with electrolytes analyzers, which were CE certified and have been the leading product in Chinese market for more than 15 years.The success lies on the company's thesis: ever progress, excellent products and good after-sales services. The company engages in the research, production, development and marketing of clinical instruments (electrolytes analyzer, blood gas analyzer, chemistry analyzer, coagulation analyzer and TCO2 analyzer) and patient monitors. It makes most efforts in enhancing the quality of products for competing to be the No.1 in the market. Furthermore, it has won many bids in China, and is recommended by over 20 Provincial Centers for Clinical Centers in China. It gains good reputations from the customers. The company has its own top experienced research team, and an advisory group consists of professors, senior engineers and supervisors from clinical test centers of hospitals. The company is proud to be the rare one that can make its own electrodes among the competitors in China.