MEINNTECH Co., Ltd. MEINNTECH means medical innovation technology. MEINNTECH Co., Ltd. , established on July 12th, 2001, is a specialized medical supplies developing & manufacturing company and leads the localization of 'I.V. flow controller' market totally depended on the imports by developing the 'infusion medicine & solutionI.V. flow controller'. Besides this, we are researching a variety of items to produce various medical appliances through the industrial cooperation and preparing to jump to the pharmacy and biology industry. We manufacture one hand controller IV flow regulator (EZ Regular) We have our new product, Anyfusion, this is a new type of IV pump which is called cylinder pump. It will bring new paradigm to drug infusion technology. It has combination features of both syringe pump and infusion pump. It's compatible with IV sets of any brand and it gurantees high accuracy.