Megadyne Medical Products Corp./Inc.

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MEGADYNE Medical Products Since the founding of MEGADYNE Medical Products, Inc. in 1985, the company mission has been to provide the medical community with high quality, cost effective, innovative products benefiting surgeons, nurses, and hospitals. MEGADYNE products have proven their effectiveness in the operating room and have been the driving force behind MEGADYNE's emergence as an innovative leader in the medical products industry. MEGADYNE's strong research and development team is committed to providing the healthcare community with products that will help practitioners meet the rapid changes occuring in the medical field. Surgeons, nurses and hospitals can continue to look to MEGADYNE Medical Products to help solve their medical problems, while controlling critical costs. MEGADYNE Medical Products was incorporated in April of 1985 to facilitate the research and development of what is now known in the health care industry as the E-Z Clean cautery tip. Dr. G. Marsden Blanch, a noted ENT surgeon in Salt Lake City, Utah, wanted to eliminate the nuisance of eschar buildup on electrocautery blades.