Meditrac is in the business of developing, producing, and marketing innovative medical devices for ambulatory, non-surgical treatment of spinal disorders.
Offering a novel approach to back and neck pain treatment, Meditrac devices enable rapid recovery and help eliminate the need for hospitalization, drugs, and surgery.

Meditrac's proprietary treatment concept was developed by a team of orthopedic surgeons.  The "Traction on the Move" concept takes conservative decompression methods to new levels, promoting rapid healing and rehabilitation. A personalized physical therapy for neck program is an integral part of the treatment.  This two-step program of decompression therapy for the cervical or lumbar spine alongside an innovative PT program, is a proven combination.

Scoliosis pain sufferers, too, can benefit from a targeted program.  Patients from juveniles through elderly have enjoyed the benefits of the program.  Patients improve their blood circulation, regain flexibility, and experience an improvement in psychological well-being.