For more than fifteen years we have attended, the idea of the founder to follow Mr Klaus Peter Bork, developing an X-ray generator which need not be justified by immensely high maintenance costs its cost. That's been very successful, because ten years after the introduction of the first "BBX 50®" the total cost of all spare parts of all generators sold in the triple digits are ... ensure that this remains so in the future, we have decided to do things waterproof.

The keywords are DIN EN ISO 9001, DIN EN 46001 and CE certification.After initial doubts as to the quality management systems, we are to be here today gone happy this way. The certification according to DIN EN ISO 9001, we received already in 1995. The "CE certification" followed in mid 1998. Thus, we are able to conformity-assessment procedures in perform independently. In addition, we have given our patent, the tiresome subject constancy test new perspectives.

Even those who are not in possession of BBX-50 X-ray generator, can the "BBX-Q® -Qualitätssicherungssystem" the benefits ofconstancy tests according Bork purchase. We design and develop new software for quality assurance.


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