About us Late Ghulam Hussain, initially started manufacturing surgical instruments in 1950. At that time, the scope of manufacturing was based on artisan's intellectualism. The whole of work was done manually and the consciousness of mechanical technology was totally alien for the manufacturer. However the enthusiasm and determination was very high to be the member of the community of the advanced countries with the substantial use of instruments. With the less resources and limited sources of communications it was really difficult to market our products on wider scale and to get prompt response about their productivity. Inspite of having limited techniques and modern facilities our company got a lot of appreciation from foreign buyers and attained their confidence with the supply of quality instruments. With the advent of eldest son of Mr. Ghulam Hussain in business, approximately after twenty years in 1970, Ch. Muhammad Akram, exploited the best of his abilities and struggled a lot to analyze the world markets by making extensive business tours through out the world and obtained rich experience of health instruments being used in the whole world. With the thorough contemplation and the help of modern evolution of machinery, company started manufacturing of dental instruments. With the export of dental instruments company achieved a very worm response for its products which boosted the morals and commitment of the directors and they started more hardworking. After joining other three sons of late Ghulam Hussain, Ch. Abdul Rehman, Abdul Qayyum and Abdul Sattar in 1975, the range of production of health instruments was extended. Animal health products were also implicated in the currant manufacturing. It was the time when company started importing of latest machinery from German, U.K. And U.S.A. The whole of production was monitored and checked in accordance with the international standards. With the emerging of new concept of globalization and advancement of electronic media in eighties, the importance of manicure and pedicure instruments was also felt by the management. A new section for the production of this specific line, was established in the factory premises with the recruitment of aesthetically rich designers and professionally profound personals. With the competitive comparison, technical analysis and mechanical experiments. The response of manicure pedicure instructs was very much impressive and spectacular which ultimately helped the company to be recognized through out the world in every sphere of production. This was the era when company won national and international quality awards With the weapon of professional & high academic qualification, the participation of third generation in the business brought a revolutionary changes in the present structure and manufacturing style of the company. Mr. Faisal Akram & Mr. Adeel Rehman unanimously believe in working on advance technological grounds in accordance with the latest desires and demands of human biological needs. At the end of 2003 a new product orthodontic instruments is being launched to strengthened the company's image.