We Want To Be Your Glove Partner of Choice Medisafe Technologies located in Medan, Indonesia, began glove production in 1989 with two lines and a single manufacturing facility. Through structured growth on the back of deep customer relationship, we have grown to three manufacturing facilities capable of producing over 2.3 billion pieces of disposable gloves per annum. This makes us the largest synthetic supplier in Indonesia and the second largest manufacturer in the country overall. Medisafe is a world-class manufacturer of hand protection solution offering a full range of Medical, Surgical and Industrial grade disposable gloves in a variety of polymers including Nitrile, Isoprene and proprietary Chloroprene. Our entirely synthetic portfolio consist of gloves in a variety of colors, flavors, lengths, weights and textures. Nitrile, a synthetic copolymer of acrylonitrile and butadiene, does not contain the latex proteins known to cause latex allergies and can be worn by latex-sensitive individuals. The rise in popularity has created significant improvements in the comfort of Nitrile gloves mainly due to introduction of thinner and softer gloves. We produce a wide variety of nitrile gloves, ranging from the lightest weight 2.9g to the heaviest weight 9.5g. When you want the most comfortable glove, the choice is Chloroprene. We hold the only valid US Patent for Chloroprene Exam gloves, offering unique physical properties, superior barrier resistance, and extended wear comfort for greater than Nitrile and, in many instances, even Natural Rubber. At Medisafe, we have been manufacturing Surgical gloves for the past 10 years. We manufacture Surgical gloves from one of the two polymers: Isoprene and Chloroprene. Each material provides unique performance characteristics that mimic Surgical gloves made from Natural Rubber. They are perfect for use by latex-sensitive individuals or for use in latex-free environments Our entire focus in on the production of high quality, disposable synthetic gloves that conforms to US and European regulatory requirements and our facilities operate under GMP and ISO13485 quality management system. Medisafe facilities and products have received Kosher and Halal certifications from the leading certification bodies. Delivering the highest level of customer satisfaction at each step of the order chain is a focus of our entire organization. Medisafe is a key supplier partner to many of the world's largest glove distributors, our customer relationships span 25 years – a reflection of our commitment to manufacturing excellence and providing of world-class customer service Thank you for taking the time to get to know us. We look forward to establishing a supply relationship with you. Medisafe… Safeguarding Lives. One Glove at a Time.