About MediRox MediRox AB, a profile of the company MediRox AB, founded in 1998 and is built on development and production in the area of diagnosis of cardiovascular diseases. MediRox started in 1999 to commercialize routine coagulation reagents such as PT (Owren type), D-dimer (designed for turbidimetry or light scatter detections). Multi Controls and Calibrators. Further, MediRox also recently started the introduction of it´s new and patented instruments ReoRox and Visco, to determine blood/plasma viscosity/elasticity and coagulation. ReoRox opens exciting opportunities in the areas like cardiovascular diseases and surgical monitoring of substitution and pharmacological therapy. Visco series are produced for routine plasma / bloodand synovial fluidviscosity testing. MediRox recently started to build up international distribution to the company´s own developments and is actively seeking cooperation with international partners. The partners should have the ability and willingness to build reputation and sales in new developments as well as in the traditional routine areas.