About us Trust is the basis of every good working relationship. The values that are important between patients and doctors, in our opinion should be valid for every business relationship too. You can relay on us in every aspect for the detailed planning of an intelligent solution according to your needs. Over the years Medion Healthcare has set up a wide network no matter where you are to get the best equipments when it comes to sales and the best after sales service. To simplify matters you only have to deal with one contact person. We speak your language, we understand the specialized needs of medical world and employ the latest and most effective solutions to meet those needs. Our widespread network ensures you the best services making a comfortable journey for you in healthcare services. Just look around and we are there for you, by telephone or in person round the clock to serve you to the best possible way. Many doctors around the world already trust us because they benefit from our co-operation. Most of our users term us the most friendly people to work with. We don’t sell you products, we sell you our services. Our motivation is to satisfy and exceed customer’s demand & expectations and focusing on how to save time, money and nerves in the process of a setup. It is not enough that we are highly committed and qualified, due to our many years of experience we know and understand what you need and how we can arrange a successful future together. What We Are We at Medion Healthcare are dedicated and committed to serve healthcare & communities to provide innovative, high quality products and services to protect health of common man by delivering efficient and quality life saving equipments. With our commitment we wish to serve each and every facility by better providing solutions in healthcare industry. Our reputation for honest & reliable business conduct over past 30 years is tested and proved in each business transactions we make thus ensuring continual growth and customer belief in Medion Healthcare. Our Expertise Medion Healthcare under the guidance of Engineers like Mr. Nikunj Gada, Mr. Jigar Gada, Mr. Vipul Gogri, Mr. Mukesh Sanghvi & Mr. Jimit Vora has emerged as a Indian Medical equipment Manufacturing company posting high growth year on year. Medion Healthcare has been blessed with support & backup from high experienced people Like Mr. Kanti Gada & Mr. Vinod Vora who have been pioneers in Indian Medical equipment history with 3 decades of leadership strengths. Taking the lead under such personalities, Medion Healthcare is just stepping in 21st century where manufacturing facilities have been upgraded with the required infrastructure and testing facilities to ensure the best quality of products to reach customers delivering the outmost performance. Quality has been never compromised on with ISO 9001:2000 standards applied. Confirmity to European Standards (CE) is currently being applied to ensure safest and reliable product as per international standards.