Company Profile About us Medima Ltd. is a supplier of medical infusion systems, offering comprehensive solutions for safe intravenous drug application. Our products are mutually compatible and can be combined into sets, starting from the simplest ones which consist of a few elements, and ending with sophisticated systems combined into whole through information network. System elements include: infusion modules - syringe pumps including also PCA and volumetric infusion pumps fixing systems - multiple module docking stations with an option to connect different pump models to the hospital information system software - a set of functional modules for increased infusion safety and historic data storage You can start building your system by buying a few infusion pumps and adding more modules in future. Medima Ltd. guarantees full compatibility of all system elements and provides assistance in system design and development. We particularly focus on safety, reliability and simple service and for this reason we greatly value close contacts with medical circles as an extremely important element of our operations. In the result, we are able to develop products which better satisfy the changing requirements of the medical service. We attach considerable importance to training medical personnel, which we consider as a key to acknowledging and using the potential of medical equipment which undergoes constant upgrading and involves more and more information elements.