MEDICO ELECTRODES INTERNATIONAL MEDICO ELECTRODES INTERNATIONAL is one of the leading manufacturers of Disposable ECG Electrodes for all cardiac monitoring and diagnostic procedures. The manufacturing of Disposable ECG Electrodes was started by the company in the year 2002. Due to a consistent high quality of the Products, their demand grew manifolds in a short span of time. This necessitated shifting of the manufacturing facilities to a bigger site in the Special Economic Zone, NOIDA in the year 2007. Medico Electrodes International has set up a state-of-the-art electrode manufacturing facility. In addition, we use the best raw materials and maintain highest quality control standards. These, combined with our special Gel formulations, allow us to provide the best possible interface between patient and machine. Our Company has been accredited with ISO: 13485: 2003 and US FDA Registration. All our products also have CE mark. All Medico Electrodes meet or exceed ANSI / AAMI EC12:2000 standards on Disposable ECG Electrodes. CRISIL rating of SE 1A awarded to Medico, the highest for the small & Medium Enterprises Category, is an indication of company’s financial robustness. As on date, we are supplying electrodes to over 25 countries apart from India. These include Europe, USA, Latin America, Asia, Australia, Middle East (Gulf) and African nations. Our emphasis is on development of new products and meeting the market requirements for different countries. We supply products in our standard Medico Brand & also in private labeling / OEM Brands. The ability to supply consistently high quality products at competitive prices makes Medico a “preferred OEM supplier” to several reputed Brands used the world over. We offer the following range of electrodes:- 1. Solid Gel Electrodes - Cloth/Foam with stainless steel studs or Radio Translucent and with optional fitting of 4mm Banana adapter. 2. Liquid Gel Electrodes - Foam with stainless steel studs or Radio Translucent. 3. Prewired Neonatal Electrodes - Cloth/Foam with copper or Radio Translucent wires. In addition to the above, we have also recently introduced Nerve Stimulating TENS Electrodes .For detailed information about our company and its full product range, please visit our website: At present, Medico Electrodes is working on several new products which will further move the position of the company towards the top rung of the manufacturer in the world for ECG disposables.