Medical washbasins & Effluent treatment plants MEDICAL WASHBASINS MEDICAL PROCESS washbasins allow a comfortable surgical scrub for hands and arms without splashing the environment, which could be a risk of infection. Our sinks can be equipped with touch-less IR sensor to avoid using hands in order to eliminate the risk of contaminating hands while opening and closing tap. The rounded shapes of our sinks are specially designed to avoid water stagnation. MEDICAL PROCESS has the product that perfectly fits in your project for surgery, dental, operating room, patient rooms, and other healthcare areas where a simple, design, and secure washbasin is needed. EFFLUENTS TRAITEMENT PLANTS Our specialists support you in targeting the departments with a pollution risk in order to isolate their effluents pipes, then defining the appropriate treatment process with the right tanks number and volumes. From biohazard to radioactive risk, MEDICAL PROCESS offers self-stations with various means of treatment to discharge effluent wastewater in full compliance with the laws. TARGETED SERVICES: Laboratories, dialysis centers, brachytherapy, mortuary services, decontamination showers, radioactive or high temperature waste water issued from hospitals or industries.