Innovative cluster of Novosibirsk region Innovative cluster of Novosibirsk region to customers and partners services for business development in Russia The pilot Territorial Innovations Cluster of Information and Biopharmaceutical Technologies has been established in the territory of the Novosibirsk region, which has united two historically formed clusters of respective areas under a single program of government support, which are located in Novosibirsk Academgorodok, the science town of Koltsovo, and the satellite town of Berdsk. 1. Contract development and manufacture in IVD MBU-Technology Ltd is biotechnology company which has a great experience in development of diagnostic kits and raw materials for IVD. Our R&D scientific team has designed and developed numerous medical diagnostic products during the past 10 years. We have experience in all phases of IVD product development. [email protected] 2. Comprehensive diagnostics of parasitic diseases Opisthorchiasis is a chronic helminthic infection caused by parasitic infestation of flatworms of the family Opisthorchiidae. We have developed kits intended for diagnostics: InVitroLogic Opisthorchis-AB (ELISA kit) InVitroLogic DNA Opisthorchis" (RT PCR kit) Medical biological Union Ltd [email protected] 3. Hematology Controls and Calibrators Hematology controls “Hematrol 5D\L” for evaluation of precision and accuracy of hematology analyzers. All of these lyophilized hematology controls and calibrators feature long-term stability. 4. Colon Cancer Epigenetic PCR detection kit This kit is to detect early colon cancer epigenetic changes in DNA. This kit uses GLAD-PCR-Assay method for detection of methylation status of regulatory region in specific genes. EpiGene Ltd. [email protected] 5. Reagents for PCR Companies Biosan and Biolabmix are manufacturers of reagents for PCR (enzymes, NTP and dNTPs, DNA Ladders, MasterMixes) and Immunobiochemicals (monoclonal antibodies, conjugates, immunosorbents). [email protected], [email protected] 6. Probiotic products ZAO Vektor-BiAlgam working in the field of developing and producing pharmaceutical immunobiological preparations, probiotic products, technologies and cultures for the dairy product industry. [email protected]